Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Did you know that the princess snow white got her name because her skin was as white as snow. But why is snow white? I mean I love a good snow storm that leaves the ground covered with a white sheet, and buildings with a new look for the winter. But why not the color blue, or pink?


Well everything on the planet takes in the sunlight from the atmosphere/sun and will either absorb, reflect, transmit or scatter all the colors of the rainbow. Like plants and trees they have a chemical in them that when light is reflected it absorbs all the colors except the color green, which is what we see. But snow is a little different

Snow is actually small ice crystals that fall from clouds. But all the color that is “absorbed” into the ice crystal all of the colors actually reflect. So when all those colors are combined it shows us white. And this same reason is why clouds are white because clouds are make up of thousands of ice crystals.


But rain falls from clouds why aren’t they white? Well when the ice crystals melt they are what you would say “clear” and when light hits clear surfaces its scatters so no light is actually absorbed or reflected with rain.

So I’m sad to say that will never see any colors like blue or pink falling from the clouds. Also, I don’t believe that Snow White’s face was reflecting all the colors off her to make it face white, she might just need to invest in a tanning package, or move closer to the equator to get some pigmentation in her skin.

Alyssa Triplett, Atmospheric Science Student