Not Wrong At The Time

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Families all across the United States came together to eat turkey and potatoes. And for all the meteorology students all over they had to try their best to explain the classes they are taking to family. If you are in the world of weather in anyway there is a good likely hood someone has told you that it is a good field to be in because of how often you can be wrong. This is something that gets on my nerves. What these people don’t understand is how fickle weather is. It is a science that is minute to minute. A lot can change in a short amount of time. People get mad at the TV weatherman for not forecasting the right high temperature for the next day, but what they don’t understand is that when they’re telling you the forecast it is very accurate. But, again, a lot can change over night to change the conditions outside. With this in mind I always tell people to not be so hard on the weatherman.

Written by Max Mueller