Time To Dust Off The Winter Jacket

Around campus these past few weeks we haven’t been seeing many thick jackets or hats. With temperatures at an unusual high, students on the University of North Dakota campus have been loving this weather. But this may be coming to an end this coming up week.

Normal temperatures for this time of year usually range around 30 to 40 degrees as highs, but we are seeing temperatures in the 60’s since September. We haven’t seen any snow yet, but that’s not out of the normal, usually snow around this time will fall but not stick to the ground. This might all change this week though. By Wednesday we will start to see the changes, we have a huge dip in the jet stream that will be causing this huge change.


On Thursday is when we have a winter storm that is in the forecast. There are rain, mix and snow predictions running from Idaho to Minnesota starting Thursday and into Friday. And if there’s snow falling this means we are going to see temperatures around the 32 degrees. Which is a huge jump from 60 to 30 degrees in just a few days! We might see some high winds as well, which will not make this cold weather seem any better. And if this system creates enough energy we may see more precipitation into next week.

By the end of the week we will all be wishing it was 60 degrees again. So I would start to dig out those hats and mittens and brush the dust off the jackets.

Alyssa Triplett, Atmospheric Science Student