Ready For A Change?

When the temperature drops, everyone wants to know how long it will last and when will warmer temperatures return. We are in the middle of a cold shot of air with wind chills expected to drop to dangerous levels. This may be the last shot of cold air we may experience for a while. The charts posted here show the 500 mb pattern, 850 mb temperatures and the precipitation forecast for today and seven days from now. Notice how the upper level winds are currently out of the northwest. Most of our current weather systems are originating in Canada and points north. In seven days our winds aloft switch to the southwest. The switch to southwesterly flow aloft will bring warmer temperature and more precipitation. While we may not expect temperatures in the 50s or 60s, we won’t see a extended cold snap below 0F for the short term. Hang in there … warmth is on the way!

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