I’ll Have A Caesar?

Well it finally happened. The biggest snowstorm in the past two years swept through parts of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Thanks to The Weather Channel, this event will go down in history as Winter Storm Caesar. Think what you want about the name, the event however still managed to leave an impression.

Courtesy of Pioneer Press, St. Paul. Minnesota

The Weather CHANNEL began naming significant weather storms this year and like hurricanes, they will be named in alphabetical order.
Caesar greatly affected the Twin Cities Metropolitan area as dozens of snow emergencies were implemented and hundreds of accidents occurred.
According to the National Weather Service, Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Airport received over 10 inches of snow. In fact,this already doubles more than last years snowfall totals in the area as it only accumulated to 4.4 inches. If you are visiting the Twin Cities for the holidays, I’d bet to see a white Christmas!

Courtesy of the National Weather Service

You can see most of the snow fell in the heart of the Twin Cities and moved eastward along I-94 through Menomonie.

By some meteorologists, this is considered a perfect storm on how it shifted and developed. The main factors were its sudden shift of movement, cause the metropolitan area the biggest area to be hit. Second was the fact sub-zero cold air was able to sneak behind the system causing the storm to produce more snow to fall. Like any storm the slower it moves, the more damage or results are to occur. Here was the same case as it proceeded to continuously dump snow as it gradually moved across the state.

Don’t expect to not see any more snow this year as statistically, March is the month with the greatest snowfall in the upper mid-west. No time to relax either as GFS models are are already predicting snow later this week. Always remember to drive safe with these road conditions where ever you may go!

-Kellen Peters