How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Winter

North Dakota can have some pretty harsh winters. Not only is it cold for people, but it can get pretty cold for pets as well. Recently I visited the Central Dakota Humane Society (CDHS) in Mandan, ND and asked what could we do to help keep our pets safe during the winter. I also found out what they do to keep the adoptable dogs safe when those temperatures go down.

Nancy, the employee at CDHS that I talked to, had some great answers for me. She told me that when we feel the cold on our skin, we cover up. Pets can feel the cold just like us, especially those who have shorter hair. To help keep them warm, you want to dress them up in a coat or sweater and if they will wear them, booties for their feet. (Your pets will walk funny for a little bit as they get used to them.) Also, limiting their time outside will help keep them nice and toasty.

Dog Sweater

Now, the CDHS has many ways to help keep their adoptable pets safe as well. All of the dog kennels have several blankets to keep them warm. The building that holds most of the dogs is double walled, heated, and insulated. There is also a place outside for the dogs that is heated to keep them warm when the employees clean the kennels daily.

The CDHS also uses ice melt that is safe for pets. Petco carries their own brand of ice melt, it called Ice Melter for pets. It’s safe for pets, as well as people and vegetation. It will keep the pads on your dogs’ paws from cracking, unlike regular ice melt, and it is also non toxic. This would be the best ice melt to use around your own home. After going on a walk with your dog you should wipe their paws off before letting them run around in the house. It will keep the house clean and will keep your pets from becoming sick.

Ice Melter for Pets

If you must have your pets outside during the day, you must provide them with food, shelter, and water, in accordance to North Dakota law. But please, even if they have a thick double coat, bring them inside to the warmth.

-Emily Pogatshnik

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