Cloud Types

Clouds play an important roll in our weather, and maybe more then the average weather view might think. There are ten different types of clouds that are broken into three different levels. The first level of clouds are high level clouds, those that form above 22,000 feet. These clouds are called Cirrus clouds and are broken down by Cirrus, Cirrostratus, and Cirrocumulus.

Cirrus Clouds

As we move down in altitude, we find middle clouds, or Altostratus. These clouds are classified by Altocumulus, and Altostratus. These clouds are made of water droplets and can appear grey and puffy, sometimes stretched.

Altocumulus clouds

The lowest layer clouds are called Stratus Clouds, which appear uniform and grayish, sometimes compared to fog, which does not release much precipitation. These clouds are classified as Stratus, and Nimbostratus.

The final cloud type, is those with vertical development, or Cumulous Clouds. These types of cloud are those that look like fluffy pieces of cotton or cauliflower, and normally have a flat base, with massive vertical development. The clouds with vertical development are called Cumulonimbus, and often create thunderstorms. Regular Cumulous clouds are the ones that remain fluffy pieces of cotton, and form due to uneven heating of surfaces. These clouds will normally remain unthreatening, unless a lifting mechanism is introduced, creating Cumulonimbus Clouds.

Clouds have an important factor in the weather and its important to know the types, and to be able to identify them, incase you should find yourself in a weather situation where you need to find Cover, or put on your sunglasses.

-Wes Neuman

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