Now that it is starting to cool down, and fall has come, I start preparing for the inevitable four letter word we up north have been accustomed to, snow.

Last week we had to blow the dust off the scrapers to get a bunch of snow off the vehicles. With the warmer temperatures we are having right now, it seems like last week was just mother natures way of saying, remember where you live. When I start thinking of snow, I am reminded of Christmas of 2009. From December 23-26, we got 13.30 inches of snow. At the time I owned a full size pickup truck with fairly decent ground clearance. As I was driving around the parking lot of my apartment building, I had a feeling the snow was getting deep when I started plowing snow with my bumper.

her car is the one in the middle.

On the 24th my sister and I always get together to spend the holidays together, she drove over to my apartment and we made dinner. With the forecast calling for many inches of snow that night, I didn’t want her driving back to her house across town in her tiny VW Jetta. I knew that she wouldn’t get through the snow in her neighborhood. At the time she worked at a nearby nursing home. I told her I would pick her up when her shift was done. At around midnight on the 24th, the snow was getting deep enough, it took 20 minutes to travel 5 blocks. Its getting fun now. When we got back to my apartment, I snapped some photos of her car buried up to the windshield in snow. On the 25th the snow was half way up her windshield, so I just simply put a pot of coffee on and watched movies all day long. The 26th was when the weather event finally came to an end. She was able to navigate safely to her home, and I was one of seven employees to make it to open my workplace. We delayed opening the store because all the other scheduled employees simply couldn’t make it.

What a great holiday.

Here are some archived satellite images downloaded from

–Ryan Strankowski