Snow Is On Its Way

By now most of us have heard of the snow storm heading our way by late this evening. Our first snow storm of the this fall/winter season. Most welcome the precipitation that has been so desperately needed in our area, while others dread the coming storm just because of the four letter word associated with it…”snow”.For me, the storm is both exciting and bittersweet. Fall just so happens to by my favorite season of the year. The changing leaves are so beautiful in their hues of reds, yellows, and oranges, and who can resist stepping on those crunchy leaves that litter the ground? The coming of this storm marks our first steps into winter and the soon closing of fall. Despite my love for fall, my favorite childhood memory just so happens to deal with snow, and lots of it.

When I was five or six, and still thought snow suits were the best invention in the world, we had a lot of snow in North Dakota’s capitol city ,of Bismarck. I remember my grandpa coming to my house with his white Bob Cat tractor and shoveling the snow in the driveway for my parents. (The driveway was the length of both our front yard and the house itself, so it made for a rather long driveway.) My grandpa placed all this snow in a giant pile in front of the house.

Now, my sister and I had our little minds going on how fun this snow hill really could be. We quickly put our snow gear on and ran outside to slide down that snow hill until our little hearts’ content. I was able to quickly scramble up the hill to slide down, but my sister, being a year and a half younger, had trouble climbing the massive hill. My dad tried to push her up the hill while I tried to pull her from the top. Still she was unable to get up the hill, so, my dad built her stairs out of the snowy side of the hill. A short time later my sister and I were sliding down the hill ’til our little legs were red from touching the cold snow when our snow pants rode up while we slid down that snow hill.

My sister (blue) and I (pink) ready to slide down that snow hill.

Fortunately for us, this snow storm is not going to bring enough snow in 24 hours for young children to slide down a big hill, but it is projected to bring at least 6 inches of snow by late Thursday evening for our area alone. The snow could be heavy at times. Expect winds to be between 20 and 30 MPH with higher gusts. Visibility can be reduced tomorrow to 0 miles due to falling and blowing snow. We are under a Winter Storm Watch 1 a.m. Thursday to 1 a.m. Friday, which may impact travel, so keep an eye on the latest forecasts if you must travel. Be sure to carry your emergency travel kit with you if you do have to travel and stay safe.

-Emily Pogatshnik