Rainy Days Ahead With A Chance Of Snow?

It seems the warm days of summer have come to end. Fall seems here to stay with winter right behind. Today will mark our last day of 70 degree temperatures, however the 40 mph wind gusts make it a bit harder to enjoy. The winds should die down as the evening progresses so if you’re one of those warm weather lovers, take the opportunity to enjoy it! It might be the last time you’ll be able to do so this year without wearing a coat!

Wednesday should be our first chance for precipitation. Wednesday should be mostly cloudy, with high temperatures in the mid-50s. The winds should drop down, but still be breezy with gusts approaching 30 mph. However, as colder air filters into the region on Wednesday night, the rain might mix with or change to snow. Despite the warmer ground temperatures, the snow might accumulate through Thursday morning. The gusty winds should continue through Thursday which could cause reduced visibilities. Paired with the possible slippery and slushy roads, Thursday’s commute could be challenging.


Early snow in North Dakota should not come as a surprise to most longtime residents. In fact, measurable snow in October is not all that uncommon. In fact, one of the earliest records of one inch observed snow fall in Grand Forks occurred on October 2, 1950. Luckily for us, snow that falls early in the season typically melts off quickly.

-Tracy Bartholome