Warmer Temps And Lots Of Sunshine

For the next week expect lots of sunshine and little clouds as we move into the last week of September. Today the Grand Forks region can expect a high in the low to mid 60’s, and then warming towards the end of week, possibly making it into the 70’s. Our normal temperature for this time of year is 65 and were sticking right to it, but Wednesday and Thursday we could see above normal temps.

As you can see for the upper midwest, temps are very warm for this part of the year, and as the week moves forward, expect some of those green colors to make its way into central Minnesota and South Dakota.  Looking at the 925 chart, you can see warmer temps making their way into the area by Wednesday morning.

And looking at the visible radar, you can see that much of the US is experiencing pretty good conditions for the day. With the exception of the low pressure system of the Ohio River Valley. For North Dakota and Minnesota, expect what little clouds we have to push out towards the later afternoon, and let the sun shine.

Overall expect a great week with lots of sunshine and little cloud cover. This could be our last week of warmer temps, but if its anything like last winter, lets hope not.


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