Snovember In Buffalo

Over the past couple of days, Buffalo, NY and northwestern New York have been experiencing lake effect snow of epic proportions. As the band rolls through (as seen above), people have been stuck on roadways and stranded in their homes for hours to even a day and counting now as seen below. With a couple…
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“So Someday, I’ll See You On TV?”

This is a question I get asked all the time when I tell people that I am going to school for meteorology. Everyone assumes that if you are studying weather, then you must be going to be doing the news. While I can understand that that is the only aspect of weather that they see,…
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Spruce tree branches

Why Is My Skin So Dry?

Whenever the winter rolls around, people all around the country will begin talking about how dry their skin feels. Dry skin can affect anyone, young or old, men and women. When old man winter comes around, the dryer air during the season can only exacerbate the issue. Today I will be speaking about the causes…
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Girl (8-10) on slope, smiling with head back, close-up, side view

First Big Snowfall

Today most of the upper Midwest is receiving its first large snowfall of the season. This storm system, named Astro, has developed over South Dakota and is dumping lots of snow across much of North and South Dakota and Minnesota. For some folks they are wondering how and why this storm front has taken so…
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Tracks in the snow by a fence


As many of you may have noticed, yesterday was the first accumulating snowfall for much of the Red River Valley region. Grand Forks officially had 0.6”, with Fargo coming in at 0.2”. While the snow did not last long before melting, one thing every North Dakotan (or Midwesterner, for that matter) knows is that more…
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